Friday, May 23, 2008

Village Scenery

Hi, Instead of taking the pictures in the city, thought of taking the rural area pictures, so went for the shoot to a village which is 50-60 Km from the Hitec city Hyderabad.

Last night it was raining, so early morning the climate was awesome, it is really nice to see this kind of whether in summer that too in Hyderabad.

So myself have enjoyed thoroughly taking pictures and enjoying the climate, now please look at the output, I mean pictures. .. Enjoy and please share your views on the same.

The typical village scenery

Life and Road – Full of curves

No traffic rules

Local Intra net

Sweet result of efforts

Imagination should be high as much as sky

1+1 Tree, double package

Reach the sky, if you can

Soul mates

Top 3 stones

Country’s backbone

Journey begins

Nice scenery, which you can find in villages only

Indicates many things

Village roads

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